Deliveries Overview

Deliveries Overview

Deliveries is where you can view the status of your loads from claimed through to delivered.

Planning - Breaks down your loads as to what status your jobs are currently at.

For example if you wanted to view your jobs for tomorrow select

Tomorrows Pick-ups/Deliveries

And so on for -

Ready for pick up

Late for Pick up

Late for Delivery

Todays Pick-ups/Deliveries

Tomorrows Pick-ups/Deliveries

Next 7 Days Pick-ups/Deliveries

Beyond Next Week Pick-ups/Deliveries

Sent Jobs

Jobs Underway

Reporting - is where you can export information from the system. If you want to export data for how many deliveries you have made or vehicles entered on vinDISPATCH.

View Alerts - Is like a reminder of your job actions on the system. When you are allocated a job, or when a Driver adds vehicles via the vinDELIVER app you will be sent an alert.

Customers can also ‘Ask Questions’ regarding a Load via the job by tapping on Ask Question, this message will then be sent to you as an alert.