vinDELIVER Office - Managing Devices

vinDELIVER Office - Managing Devices

This video will give you a detailed description of how to check your drivers have the most recent version of the vinDELIVER App installed on their device.

To fully utilize the new features it is imperative that the Drivers update their vinDELIVER App.

If your driver is experiencing difficulties with the latest version it is important that you try these following steps.

Step. 1.  Check your Driver has the latest version of vinDELIVER.

To check what the most up to date version of the vinDELIVER App is go to:

Select RELEASES found under vinDELIVER on the left hand side.

Here you will be able to view the latest Android and iOS release.

Next, Login to vinDISPATCH Goto SETUP and select - DEVICES A list of your Drivers Devices will display.

To ensure your Drivers are using the most up to date version of the vinDELIVER App.

Go to the 4 th collumn along the top of the list, named CDN Version - click twice on this title to will sort the list into order to show the lateset verision of app first.

You will also need to check your Drivers are running OS version 4 and above on their device, if not they will need to upgrade.

You can check what OS version each device is on in the 5th column, titled OS Version.

Step 2.  Check your app is sending up to date data to vinDISPATCH.

Again looking under Devices. Go to the second from last column titles ‘Last Seen’ and click twice to sort date order with most recent date listed first.

You will then be able to see if the time on your screen collaborates with the time the Driver last logged into vinDELIVER.

If you require any assistance with vinDELIVER or vinDISPATCH features please go to

or submit a FEEDBACK ticket for further support.