Is this the same as EOBR?

Electronic on-board Recording allows a carrier to track their asset (eg the truck) and communicate with the driver using simple messaging.

This is vastly different to vinDELIVER which is a tool to track and trace the actual vehicle delivery and record the status, state and proof of delivery. EOBR is critical for operational management of a fleet of trucks and is complimentary to vinDELIVER. 


Electronic Onboard Recorders (EOBR) is a critical component of any Logistics company operating a large fleet of vehicles. The ability to be compliant to working rules and the capability to track and monitor trucks is critical to managing a fleet and the drivers. We believe it is an operational necessity for a Carrier but not a full business solution for your customers.

To date we have not attempted to replace the EOBR system and currently have no plans to. The vinDELIVER app tracks the driver and the tracking does provide an idea of where the truck is but realistically an EOBR will be more operationally accurate. If you want to track trucks accurately then EOBR is your answer.

If you want to track vehicles on the back of trucks then EOBR is not your answer.

For Shippers the focus is on certainty of delivery and the state of the freight delivered. This has driven the need for validation and verification of what was recorded, by whom and when. What Shippers want is:

- VIN validation (vehicle barcode scanned)

- that a 3rd party has agreed to the action (a signature and name)

- a record of any exceptions observed (global damage code and photo)

- when and where the deliver occurred (timestamp and GPS location)

- and that it is irrefutable (hasn’t been tampered with)

The vinDELIVER solution is a application that will run on a mobile device (handheld or tablet) to record this information and relay it back to the Carrier (and Shipper).