What hardware does the app run on?

The application will run on the Android and Apple mobile operating systems. The app runs on many devices and requires the device to have network access, rear facing camera, GPS and a touchscreen greater than 3.5 inches. Optionally the devices can have a 1D Barcode scanner, RFID reader or Near Field reader. The devices can also be semi or fully rugged depending on your requirements.  


The vinDELIVER app will run on a plethora of mobile devices in the Android world and on Apple devices. The application has been field tested on a number of devices. In the consumer space the devices change so quickly that it is difficult to test all units. The application will also run on 7 inch tablets. The following requirements are a good starting point for working out if you device will be supported. The application requires: 

A network connection for data(GPRS, 2G, 3G, LTE, 4G, WiFi) 

A GPS received for location identification 

A back facing camera for photo POD

A 3 inch touchscreen for signature capture

Consumer devices

Many devices available from cellphone operators are adequate for the application. There is also a move to make these devices semi rugged and cases that make them more rugged. The prices range from Free on contract and from $150 to purchase. The following units have been tested: 

Samsung Galaxy Siii 

Samsung Rugby Semi rugged smartphone 


iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch Tablet

Rugged devices

Getac Z710 7inch tablet

Unitech TB100 7inch tablet 

Pidion BIP-6000