vinDELIVER App Adding Driver ID

vinDELIVER App Adding Driver ID

  • The Driver ID provides an electronic driver ID for presentation at pickup and delivery locations.
  • When you start the application for the first time, you will be presented with the option to Add Driver Information or you can skip and add details later.
  • NB It is not compulsory to add a photo and signature and you can still use the application without submitting this information.

The driver ID can be found as an item in the menu under Edit Driver.  The menu can be accessed by selecting the the icon with three bars in the top left corner of vinDELIVER.

The driver ID screen provides a summary of your driver details.

Each tile represents a particular part of the driver ID, by selecting a tile you can edit these details by selecting one of the following tiles

  • Password
  • Update Photo
  • Signature
  • Update Details

Once you have finished editing each tile, you must press the Confirm button in order to save your details. 

To go back to your Jobs > go to the Menu and select Loads.