How Credits Work?

How Credits Work?

With CDN, there are no monthly contracts or ongoing charges to use the CDN software. You simply pay and use on a transaction basis. It is like prepaid minutes for your mobile phone.

A CDN transaction is the delivery of a vehicle from A to B. We use the vehicle identification number or VIN for each transaction. Each transaction requires x credits per delivered VIN.

Multi car and high volume usage receive a discount on credits you are charged.

All transactions will be based on your rate of credits per delivered REG or VIN.

You purchase credits in advance from your dashboard.

To purchase credits, simply login to vinDISPATCH and you will go straight to Dash Board.  

Look for ‘Purchase Credit’. (On the right hand side under your CMAC code).  

You will also see how many credits you currently have in brackets.  

Click on ‘Purchase Credit’ and a pop will display with a list of Credit options.  When you select your required amount of credits you will be taken directly to GoCardLess our online payment process.

You can view how many credits are required for each transaction, how many credits have been used and your low credit warning.

To review an audit of your Credits go to Setup - Audit.