Your Customer Login

Your Customer Login

Have your customers login via your website and Request a Quote, Book a job and view delivery status etc. Contact CDN and request the single of HTLM code for your website so your Customers can login and transact with you.


This gives you access to the main menu from which you can view, create and edit your quotes, jobs and settings.

Clicking 'jobs' will give you an overview of all the quotes or jobs you have requested. From this grid you can see the changing status of any mvoements which are happening and can refer back to all the details of the movements after they have been completed. 'Vehicles' in the top menu will give you a similar overview but seperated into vehicles as opposed to movements.

Clicking the plus sign will bring up vehicle and job reference details and clicking on the house icon will bring up the collection and delivery addresses and contact details. When a movement has been delivered you can view the ePod by selecting the red pdf. icon in the job line. 

To create and request a quote for a movement, or to book a movement straight away begins in the same way.  Select 'new job' from the top menu and you will be taken to the screen seen below.



  • Job initiator - the name of who is creating the quote/movement
  • Collection/Delivery date - must be selected from the calendar and set as Earliest/Latest/Exact
  • Collection/Delivery address - to set these enter the full postcode of a location and hit find (if saved locations have been setup then begin typing part of that location and select from the list)
  • Single or Multi-vehicle - select as appropriate
  • Transported/Driven/Either - select as appropriate
  • Job notes - any information essential to the job aside from dates and locations can be entered here
  • Job order number - your own reference number for the movement 

Depending on the arrangements you have made with the CDN or suppliers linked into the CDN you will be using this booking form in a slightly different way. For a quote or a movement all the above steps are the same. After inputting the information if you are ready to book the movement straight away at either a pre-agreed price or a price based on a rate card then select 'book job'. This will send all the details through to the transport company and create the movement ready to be booked into their schedule. For just a price based on the information you have provided select 'request quote'. If you are creating multiple quotes/movements based on similar information then select 'save draft & duplicate' or if you wish to return to edit the information at a later date just select 'save as draft job'.

*Please note - Both save draft options will NOT send any information to any transport companies until progressed to a quote request or a booked job.

When you are finished working on the CDN click 'logout' and close your browser.