Recipe 3 - Posting a Job using CDXVEHICLES (FTP)

Recipe 3 - Posting a Job using CDXVEHICLES (FTP)


This recipe is for a Carrier who wants to POST Job messages to the rest open API to either send to own drivers using vinDELIVER app or to subcontractors using Carrier Exchange or vinCARRIER.

Sending Job messages - Open API POST

Job message

  • a Job message can be sent to create a A to B Job
  • if you are sending a truck load (trip) with multiple stops you need to send a Job for each A to B leg eg a 9 car pickup with 3 delivery stops = 3 jobs
  • loadId must be unique for a A to B delivery - suggest SCAC-UniqueTripId-PickupQuickcode-DeliveryQuickCode
  • Pickup.quickCode should be the ramp code or pickup code used to uniquely identify the location
  • Delivery.quickCode should be the dealer code or delivery code used to uniquely identify the location
  • Pickup.requestedDate should be set
  • Delivery.requestedDate should be set
  • vin must be set
  • allocatedCarrierScac should be used if passing the load to a 3rd Party Carrier ( Carrier exchange or vinCARRIER connected carrier)
  • shipperScac should be set if you are creating the Job on behalf of a shipper (eg OEM) for shipper reporting and EDI messaging
  • assignedDriverRemoteId should be set if the load is intended for one of you own drivers / trucks
Post api/vind2/openapi/jobs
content application/json
security Basic Authentication
swagger /api/swagger-ui/#/47vind247openapi47cdxstop
api docs
definitions Field definitions 
example JSON Body Example


Suggested test tool Talend API Tester