vinDISPATCH - UK Carrier Overview

vinDISPATCH - UK Carrier Overview

An overview of the vinDISPATCH Load Board, that is replacing the vinDELIVER (black screen) Load Board.

You will have noticed over the past few weeks the vinDELIVER screen showing a new tab on the top right corner of your screen called vinDISPATCH Load board.

vinDISPATCH loadboards will replace the existing Loadboard functionality in vinDELIVER and all jobs listed will now appear in vinDISPATCH

To access all jobs now, you will need to use the vinDISPATCH Loadboard,  just click on the button, it will automatically log you in using your existing username and password. If you want to you can login directly to vindispatch at

You will still receive email alerts and job notifications  for work posted on the loadboard, the links on the email alerts will take you to the vinDISPATCH loadboard.

You will still need to login to vinDELIVER, (the black screen) to view and continue your jobs once they have been allocated.

We hope we have found most of the software bugs on vinDISPATCH, but as always, and mo re so with new software, there will be a few bugs. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If something does not work or if you have a suggestion, please  

1.  Email

2.  Or select the big red Support button on vinDELIVER and vinDISPATCH to ask a question or leave us a message.

3.  For online support please go to the help menu on the top right of your screen to watch our how to video tutorials or click on the help and show me links found on all the vinDISPATCH pages.